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The Peace Laboratory

the Science

of Formulation

At The Peace Labs, we take pride in crafting formulations inspired by ancient Eastern cultures, where the secrets of well-being have been cherished for millennia. Our products are a harmonious blend of tradition and modern science, designed to elevate your holistic health.

100% Natural 𓇬 Cruelty free ✧ Vegan ✢ Traditional Chinese medicine ingredients ✧ Female Owned 𓇬 100% Natural 𓇬 Cruelty free ✧ Vegan ✢ Traditional Chinese medicine ingredients ✧ 100% Natural 𓇬 Cruelty free ✧ Vegan ✢

comprehensive product development 

Rigorously Evaluated Ingredients for Your Well-being


We adhere to stringent regulations to ensure that our products are safe

Science backed

Our ingredient selection is backed with scientific studies 


We evaluate our ingredient and packaging vendors keeping the planet in mind.

Licensed and Made in Canada

Unlike ordinary skincare products, ours receive evaluation and licensing from Health Canada, and they are proudly crafted in Canada at a certified Natural Health Product (NHP) facility. This dedication to quality provides you with assurance and peace of mind when using our products.

Our iterative product development process is led by a master formulator who meticulously crafts each formula to provide you with the desired experience. It’s a blend of art and science, and it’s what sets us apart.

Our master perfumer specializes in creating 100% natural scents using essential oils. These scents are crafted with inspiration from the wonders of nature, delivering a unique olfactory experience that complements the efficacy of our products.

We take quality control seriously. Each batch we manufacture is lab-tested to ensure its potency and the accurate representation of medicinal active percentages. This commitment to precision ensures you get the most out of every product.